Four Point Inspection

A Four Point inspection may be required by an insurance company for homes that are 30 years or older. The purpose is to determine if the home is sound enough, in the four areas inspected, to be insured by that company.

The inspection will take about 40 minutes and requires access to the interior, exterior, attic and crawl space (if applicable). We will take exterior photos, complete the report, and email them to your insurance company.

Marquette Inspection, Inc. inspectors are Licensed Florida Home Inspectors, approved to inspect all four elements, making the process considerably less expensive and more convenient to the homeowner than appointments with four different contractors.

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Four Point Inspection Form

The cost of a Four Point inspection and report is $100.00. We will perform a Four Point and a Windstorm Mitigation inspection together for $150.00, if they are done at the same time on one property.

The Four Point report is $75.00 if we have recently performed a home inspection on the property.


DO NOT use your initial home inspection report in lieu of these specialized reports! The initial home inspection report has different standards than are reported on these specialized insurance reports, and can cause you and your insurance agent huge problems if used instead of these specialized reports!