Watch for these home inspection warning signs.

Knowing what to look for, and understanding home inspection warning signs is a must when considering investing in a new home. All homes have a certain amount of flaws so buyers and sellers should be prepared to see some recommended repairs on the report. The question then becomes which flaws are normal, and which defects are big warning signs for future problems?

Below are four areas that may warrant concern if noted on a home inspection report. If buyers see these, or similar issues described during an inspection, they may want to do further investigation before moving forward with the deal. If sellers see these issues notated, they should be prepared to take the necessary actions to rectify the situation.

Proper Water Drainage

A properly built house is designed to allow proper water drain off. If not, standing water will become a problem near the foundation of the home. This can be a serious problem which includes the likes of rotting wooden frames as well as the shifting and cracking of the home’s foundation.

Electrical Wiring

Defective electrical wiring is one common cause of residential fires. This is one of the reasons building codes are frequently updated, improving safety. Check to see the number of electrical outlets throughout the home. If there are too few outlets, the overuse of extension cords can lead to too much stress on the electrical system. Be mindful of any exposed wires. This is most often seen after a homeowner has taken on a home improvement project in their basement, garage or attic. If any wires are exposed, a licensed professional should be called to remedy the problem.


High-quality plumbing in the home equates to an invisible system. Turn on the faucet and water comes out, it’s that simple. However, when faulty plumbing is present, the problems can be substantial. Because plumbing is hidden behind the walls, it can be difficult to spot a problem. The most commonly found issues are pipe leaks or outdated systems. Even the smallest of leaks can lead to big water damage over time. A tiny leak in one part of the house can lead to big trouble in another area. Outdated systems can be repaired in small portions, however, the entire system may also need to be replaced.

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